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Webform: Request for IDP Assistance from Attorneys

The below form is for immigration attorneys and advocates.

If you are looking for advice about the immigration consequences of a criminal case, on which you are assigned through the 18-b panel

Use our 18b panel webform

If you are not an attorney or advocate

Call Our Hotline at 212-725-6422

Before you make a request

Review Resources for Immigration Attorneys

Using the webform

 Please fill out as much information as you have including:

  • green card or work authorization card
  • notice to appear
  • criminal dispositions or rap sheet (or criminal history chart)
  • charging documents (if client has a pending criminal case)
  • petition and orders of protection (if client has a pending family court case)

Intake Received Via
First Name*
Last Name*
What kind of lawyer or advocate are you?
Client First Name
Client Last Name
Client Country of Birth
Client Date of Birth
Client Residential Zip Code
Client Immigration StatusMore about immigration status
Date of Current Immigration Status
Client Manner of Entry
Client Date of Entry
Custody Status*
Type of Consult
Description of case*
What is your question?*
Reason for urgencyGenerally, urgent cases are those with a court or agency deadline in the next two weeks.
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