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Proposed Change of Public Charge Definition Would Have Devastating Effects on Immigrants Accused or Convicted of Crimes and their Families

Marie Mark, Supervising Attorney Immigrant Defense Project and Natalia Renta, Staff Attorney Immigrant Defense Project  The Trump administration continues to attack immigrant communities, now two years into his term. One of these attacks involves changing the legal definition of who is “likely to become a public charge,” a barrier some (not all) immigrants need to overcome when applying for a green card. The proposed change, which is being considered now, would fundamentally change how immigration agencies determine who is likely to become a public charge. Previously the determination did not take into consideration the vast majority of public benefits. The rule proposed…

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“Justice” Kavanaugh’s First Month on the Supreme Court Bench Did Not Bode Well for the Rights of Immigrants and the Criminally Accused

Manny Vargas, Senior Counsel Immigrant Defense Project Immigrants and the criminally accused did not have to wait long to get first indications of whether they could hope for justice from the Supreme Court’s newest member – Brett Kavanaugh. During his first month on the bench, Kavanaugh heard argument in three cases in which the Court’s decisions could have a significant impact on the ability of immigrants and the criminally accused to fight harsh federal government interpretations of liberty-depriving immigration detention and criminal sentencing laws. And the first indications from Kavanaugh’s questions and comments during these arguments were not promising. In Neilsen…

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Sharing their Humanity in the Face of Trump’s Hatred: IDP and IJN Partners Bring Criminalized Immigrant Leaders to Congress Post-Election

Alisa Wellek, Executive Director Immigrant Defense Project This month, IDP joined activists, elected officials, and its Immigrant Justice Network partners (Immigrant Legal Resource Center and National Immigration Project of the National Lawyers Guild) in Washington DC for Immigrants Speak Out: Day of Resistance Against Criminalization and Anti-immigrant Bills. There is still much work to be done to educate Members of Congress on how our immigration laws criminalize immigrants and harm families and communities, especially in the face of an Administration perversely invested in turning the power of a deeply flawed criminal justice system against immigrants; Immigrants Speak Out sought to…

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