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Resources: Criminal Defense Attorneys

Understanding and Fulfilling Your Duty to Immigrant Clients | Resources on Criminal-Immigration Law | Other Resources Practice Advisories and Alerts for New York Defenders Updated New York Quick Reference Chart This digital, subscription-based chart provides access to newly updated information about the possible immigration consequences of specific, commonly charged New York offenses…

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Dismantle, Don’t Expand: The 1996 Immigration Laws

Dismantle, Don’t Expand: The 1996 Immigration Laws by the Immigrant Rights Clinic at NYU School of Law and Immigrant Justice Network: May 2017 -- The last major revisions to U.S. immigration laws were made in 1996 under President Clinton. Shorthanded as the “‘96 Laws,” the Antiterrorism and Effective Death Penalty…

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ICE Out of the Courts

The Immigrant Defense Project has been closely monitoring ICE activity in the courts and has seen a significant escalation in ICE courthouse arrests since the beginning of 2017. We are coordinating a campaign to get ICE out of the courts in New York State. More than 100 organizations are calling…

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