6th Edition of Representing Immigrant Defendants in NY

On September 19, IDP released the sixth edition of Representing Immigrant Defendants in New York (2017). This essential resource by Manny Vargas provides information about the foundations of crim-imm and strategies to avoid adverse immigration consequences in criminal and immigration proceedings. This sixth edition has been updated to include case law developments through June 2017 and is available for sale on our website at www.immdefense.org/manual. A … Read more »

ICE Out of Courts New York State Campaign

The Protect Our Courts Act is now law in New York State! On December 15, Governor Cuomo signed the Protect Our Courts Act into law. This law will keep ICE officers from arresting individuals going to or leaving court, bringing relief from the constant threat of ICE surveillance and arrest for immigrants.  Find out more about what this means in … Read more »

DACA Renewals: Representing Clients with Contacts with the Criminal Legal System

In light of the Trump Administration’s decision to end DACA, IDP has created two new resources — one for immigration attorneys handling DACA renewals for clients with criminal histories and one for criminal defense attorneys on how to advise clients about DACA.  These resources are housed on our new #DefendDACA page. We have also compiled other useful resources recently released on our website at: www.immdefense.org/daca-resources/.

Updated resources page for Family Court practitioners

IDP is breaking new ground by raising awareness of the negative immigration consequences that can result from contact with the Family Court system.  We now have an updated resources page for Family Court practitioners, including a new advisory created with NYCLU on the potential risks for immigrants of requesting fingerprints from DJCS.

ICE in New York State Courts Survey

Since the election, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has substantially increased the number of immigrants it targets in New York State Courts. For more information, visit our Ice out of the Courts campaign. As a result, many advocates are hearing from immigrants that they have a profound fear of going to court. This includes immigrants who need access to the … Read more »

Eyes on ICE – Information on documenting encounters with immigration agents

Para leer información sobre este seminario web, hacer click aquí | Part 1: Know Your Rights & Practical Tips for Filming ICE   Part 2 of EYES ON ICE: Community approaches to documenting and organizing around encounters with immigration agents Watch the recording here As Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE) expands the deportation system, communities and grassroots groups are continuing to fight back, … Read more »

Dismantle, Don’t Expand: The 1996 Immigration Laws

Dismantle, Don’t Expand: The 1996 Immigration Laws by the Immigrant Rights Clinic at NYU School of Law and Immigrant Justice Network: May 2017 — The last major revisions to U.S. immigration laws were made in 1996 under President Clinton. Shorthanded as the “‘96 Laws,” the Antiterrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act (AEDPA) and the Illegal Immigration Reform & Immigrant Responsibility … Read more »

Criminal Justice Reforms In An Era of Mass Deportation

On May 4, 2017, the Harvard Law School’s Fair Punishment Project, the Immigrant Defense Project, and the Immigrant Legal Resource Center released a report “The Promise of Sanctuary Cities and the Need for Criminal Justice Reforms in An Era of Mass Deportation.” The report urges city leaders who want to protect immigrants to act swiftly to end harmful criminal justice … Read more »

Practical Tips for Defenders on ICE at Courts

Download IDP resource “Practical Tips for Defenders on ICE at Courts,” IDP’s free guide, updated in July 2019, gives practical suggestions for supporting clients if ICE agents show up to detain them in court. For years, Immigrant Defense Project (IDP) received periodic but infrequent reports of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) detaining unsuspecting people appearing in local Criminal Courts. However, … Read more »

ICE Raids Toolkit: Defend Against ICE Raids and Community Arrests

Defend Against ICE Raids and Community Arrests, the product of IDP’s and CCR’s collective work against ICE arrests under Bush and Obama, serves as the first comprehensive guide and organizing resource to fight back against the Trump administration’s efforts to criminalize communities and deport millions of people. (Updated in July 2019) Read Toolkit Forward (updated March 15, 2021) Appendix A … Read more »

IDP in the News: Trump’s ‘Despicable Deportation Games’ (Daily Kos)

“All the presidential candidates should recommit the US government to the core values of justice, dignity, and “second chances” by ending the mass criminalization and deportation policies that fall most heavily on populations of color, tearing families and communities apart,” [said] Alisa Wellek, Executive Director of the Immigrant Defense Project. Read more »