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The President’s Power to Pardon Lawful Permanent Residents

The Immigrant Defense Project is part of a national campaign calling on President Obama to issue a pardon to Lawful Permanent Residents at risk of detention and deportation under the next administration.

The pardon power allows the President alone to determine when it is and when it is not in the national interest to impose the full penalties proscribed in federal law.   This Administration has already determined that there are hundreds of thousands of lawfully present immigrants for whom it makes no sense to rip apart their American families by deporting them based solely on certain offenses, including misdemeanors and those committed decades ago. With a single pardon he could protect all of these immigrants from deportation.

The President could provide protection against deportation for all these individuals by signing a single piece of paper today, or any day before January 20th. Critically, unlike almost everything else the President can do now, a pardon cannot be undone by any future President.

See coverage in the The New York Times and CNN on how the Presidential pardon would work and stories of those who would be impacted.

lundy_khoyJoin the Campaign

Please join hundreds of organizations across the country calling on the President to use his pardon power to protect those who will be most targeted under the next Administration. You can read the letter and sign on here.

Tweet this message or compose your own! [email protected] Act before you can’t. Sign #POTUSpardon to keep longtime resident immigrants like Lundy Khoy #safeathome. #yesUcan 

Case in Focus: Lundy Khoy

Lundy Khoy is one of the hundreds of thousands of long-time greencard holders who could be protected by a Presidential pardon.

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