Community Collaborations

A Just Federal Immigration Policy

IDP’s federal policy work is focused on building momentum against mass detention, deportation, and imprisonment, and on changing the political and legal landscape that over the past two decades has led to the largest expulsion of immigrants in U.S. history. Since 2006, IDP has collaborated on national advocacy with the Immigrant Legal Resource Center and the National Immigration Project of the … Read more »

Building Power at the Grassroots

Grassroots Crim-Imm Working Group IDP has long worked with grassroots community-based organizations to build the capacity of organizers and directly-impacted individuals to respond to criminal-immigration issues. IDP provides legal, research, and strategic analysis to support base-building efforts and boost the advocacy power of member-based organizations to achieve fundamental change. IDP is currently working in collaboration with the Puente Human Rights Movement, Black Alliance for … Read more »

Anti-violence Work: Intimate and Domestic Violence Survivors, LGBTQ People, and Sex Workers

In our work to end the police-to-deportation pipeline, IDP has worked closely with organizations that have frequent interaction with the police. In June 2011, we supported the formation of the Anti-Violence Advocates Against Deportation, a coalition of intimate partner and domestic violence survivors, LGBTQ people, youth, sex workers, labor and sex-trafficking survivors, people of color, people living with HIV/AIDS, and … Read more »

Fighting for People With Criminal Convictions and Formerly Imprisoned People

As immigrants with convictions are increasingly vilified and targeted for deportation, IDP works with a broad range of allies to develop campaigns around strategic reforms within the criminal justice system that will reduce both incarceration and its collateral consequences on immigrants. IDP works in coalition with organizations focused on policing, such as Communities United for Police Reform, to provide general support for advocacy … Read more »

Ending the War on Drugs and the War on Immigrants

To combat the rising tide of mass deportation and interrupt the drug-offense-to-deportation pipeline, IDP works to educate advocates and community members about the immigration consequences of drug offenses and to push for laws to decriminalize drugs. We are currently working with allies such as the Drug Policy Alliance to achieve these goals in relation to marijuana. IDP supported Human Rights Watch on their June … Read more »