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Anti-violence Work: Intimate and Domestic Violence Survivors, LGBTQ People, and Sex Workers

In our work to end the police-to-deportation pipeline, IDP has worked closely with organizations that have frequent interaction with the police. In June 2011, we supported the formation of the Anti-Violence Advocates Against Deportation, a coalition of intimate partner and domestic violence survivors, LGBTQ people, youth, sex workers, labor and sex-trafficking survivors, people of color, people living with HIV/AIDS, and immigrants. This coalition came together to speak out against the violence communities experience from the police, the criminal “justice” system, deportation policies, and many state-sanctioned laws and policies, with a particular focus on ending deportation and the collaboration between police and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). Members of this coalition continued the collaboration and are producing a graphic novel, portions of which will be published in 2016, DANGER! Police Involvement in Mass Deportation.

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With a year marked by hateful and divisive policies behind us, IDP continues to look towards the future in the fight for immigrants' rights.

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