What We Do


IDP engages in targeted litigation, primarily before the federal courts, in support of challenges to deportations and other adverse immigration consequences based on criminal convictions and arrests. By supporting litigants before the Supreme Court and Circuit Courts of Appeals, we seek to create good law through the judiciary to help immigrants remain in the United States with their communities and families.

Legal Advice and Training

IDP designs training for a wide range of legal professionals. Since the Supreme Court’s landmark Padilla v. Kentucky decision, IDP has focused on training public defenders, but we also customize trainings for immigration attorneys, assigned counsel, family court practitioners, BIA accredited representatives, judges, prosecutors, and community advocates.

Padilla Support Center & Post-Conviction Relief

IDP engages in targeted litigation, primarily before the federal courts, in support of challenge. IDP works to ensure that Padilla is interpreted fairly such that non-citizen defendants receive the full benefit of their Sixth Amendment rights.

Community Defense from ICE Raids

IDP’s community defense work is geared toward building the capacity of advocates and directly-impacted individuals to respond to criminal-immigration issues. We provide legal support to community-based organizations to help their base-building efforts and boost the advocacy power of their memberships.

Policy & Advocacy

IDP’s policy work is grounded in the belief that all people, including those with convictions, deserve equal rights and that people should not be perpetually punished on the basis of having a criminal record.

Surveillance, Tech & Immigration Policing

IDP’s Surveillance, Tech & Immigration Policing project aims to build the capacity to organize for a just digital future and economy.