ICE Policing at New York’s Courts

From January 2017 through December 2018, IDP documented an alarming 1700% increase in ICE arrests and attempted arrests across New York State. In 2018, IDP documented 219 such incidents—a 27% increase over 2017 (updated to reflect additional reports received). To learn more about the impact of ICE policing at New York’s courts, read our January 2020 report, “Denied, Disappeared, and Deported: … Read more »

Immigration Consequences of a Marijuana Offense

You probably know that people of color, which include immigrants, are disproportionately targeted in marijuana arrests by the police. You might not know that non-citizens get punished beyond the already harsh consequences of a marijuana conviction. Overnight, the lives they’ve built in the U.S. over decades can be destroyed. They can be torn from their families and exiled to a … Read more »

IDP Report “Misapplication of the Particularly Serious Crime Bar to Deny Refugees Protection from Removal to Countries Where Their Life or Freedom is Threatened”

The Trump Administration’s attack on immigrants seeking refuge culminated on Monday, September 17, 2018, when it was announced that the U.S. would slash refugee admissions to the lowest since the Refugee Act of 1980. In addition to the new cap, the U.S. uses many tactics to deport refugees already in the U.S. to countries where they would be at risk … Read more »

Dismantle, Don’t Expand: The 1996 Immigration Laws

Dismantle, Don’t Expand: The 1996 Immigration Laws by the Immigrant Rights Clinic at NYU School of Law and Immigrant Justice Network: May 2017 — The last major revisions to U.S. immigration laws were made in 1996 under President Clinton. Shorthanded as the “‘96 Laws,” the Antiterrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act (AEDPA) and the Illegal Immigration Reform & Immigrant Responsibility … Read more »

Criminal Justice Reforms In An Era of Mass Deportation

On May 4, 2017, the Harvard Law School’s Fair Punishment Project, the Immigrant Defense Project, and the Immigrant Legal Resource Center released a report “The Promise of Sanctuary Cities and the Need for Criminal Justice Reforms in An Era of Mass Deportation.” The report urges city leaders who want to protect immigrants to act swiftly to end harmful criminal justice … Read more »

ICE Raids Toolkit: Defend Against ICE Raids and Community Arrests

Defend Against ICE Raids and Community Arrests, the product of IDP’s and CCR’s collective work against ICE arrests under Bush and Obama, serves as the first comprehensive guide and organizing resource to fight back against the Trump administration’s efforts to criminalize communities and deport millions of people. (Updated in July 2019) Read Toolkit Forward (updated March 15, 2021) Appendix A … Read more »

Deportation 101

Deportation 101 is a training tool that educates and builds the capacity of immigrant and criminal justice service providers, immigrant leaders, and community organizers to respond to their members’ and clients’ needs as they interact with the criminal justice system. It functions as a free, 1-2 day-long seminar on the criminal-immigration system, accompanied by a manual developed jointly in 2005 … Read more »

IDP Report on Detention and Deportation Practices in NYC

On July 23, 2012, IDP, along with New York University School of Law Immigrant Rights Clinic and Families for Freedom, released “Insecure Communities, Devastated Families: New Data on Immigrant Detention and Deportation Practices in New York City.” In the wake of growing deportation programs such as the recently-activated “Secure Communities” initiative, this new report sheds light on the precise ways … Read more »

All-in-One Guide to Defeating ICE Hold Requests

The National Immigration Project, the Immigrant Legal Resource Center, the Immigrant Defense Project, the Washington Defender Association, and the National Immigration Law Center produced this resource in 2012 for organizers and advocates to prevent deportations in our communities. The All-in-One Guide to Defeating ICE Hold Requests aims to help communities better understand how immigration enforcement works, and ways to to engage with local police … Read more »

IDP Report on Judicial Obligations After Padilla v. Kentucky

Click here to download the report. The Immigrant Defense Project (IDP) and the New York University (NYU) School of Law Immigrant Rights Clinic have published a Report entitled Judicial Obligations after Padilla v. Kentucky: The Role of Judges in Upholding Defendants’ Rights to Advice About the Immigration Consequences of Criminal Convictions. The October 2011 Report is intended to help educate criminal … Read more »