Criminal-Immigration Helpline

IDP offers the following types of assistance to immigrants and their loved ones who are affected by the criminal system, including immigrants who have been arrested, ticketed, or convicted of a crime:  

Limited immigration legal advice and information

Referrals for free immigration legal services

Referrals for private immigration attorneys

Before You Call

Please have ready the following information about the person who needs assistance:

  • Name
  • Date of birth
  • Country of birth and nationality (if different from country of birth)
  • Date(s) of entry to the United States
  • How the person entered the United States (for example, with a green card, on a temporary visa, crossing the border without documents, as a refugee)
  • Current immigration status (for example, green card holder, temporary visa holder, undocumented, asylee or refugee, Temporary Protected Status, DACA)
  • Whether the person is currently in immigration detention or a criminal facility
  • Whether the person has ever been deported
  • Immigration status of family members (spouse, parents, children)

Attorneys and other legal representatives.

Resources for attorneys and other legal representatives.

Criminal-Immigration Helpline

(212) 725-6422

Our helpline is not live.  Please leave a voicemail with your name and number at any time.  An IDP staff member or volunteer will contact you in a timely fashion. 

To help us to give the most accurate advice, an IDP staff member or volunteer will need information about the person’s immigration history, contacts with the police or criminal court system, and any family court cases.




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