Legal Advice

IDP provides expert legal advice on the immigration consequences of contact with Criminal and Family Courts. We assist immigrants and their loved ones, criminal defenders, family court practitioners, and immigrant advocates through a range of services including the IDP Helpline and the newly created Padilla Support Center. 

While IDP cannot provide direct representation in immigration removal proceedings we can offer individualized advice. If you are an immigrant or the loved one of an immigrant in need of assistance, please leave a voicemail on the IDP Helpline and someone will return your call within two business days. Please be ready to provide information on immigration, criminal court, and family court history.

*** Please note until August 2, 2024 IDP’s hotline has limited capacity to support nonprofit Legal Service Providers and will only be responding to emergency time-sensitive inquiries.***

How We Can Help


  • Are you an immigrant in need of legal assistance?
  • Do you have a loved one in need of legal assistance?

Please call the IDP Helpline at 212.725.6422

NYC Appointed Criminal and Family Counsel

The IDP Padilla Support Center provides FREE expert legal advice to NYC appointed criminal and family counsel.

Please contact the IDP Padilla Support Center

Nonprofit Legal Service Providers

If you have a non-citizen client who has had prior contact with the criminal or family court systems, we can help.

Please fill out an online request.

Immigration Attorneys and Advocates: Please note, it will take 4-6 weeks for us to send an initial analysis, unless you indicate there is an urgent external deadline, such as an upcoming court date, interview date,  deadline for a Request for Evidence (RFE), or appeal deadline.

Private Counsel

Due to the high demand for our services from indigent immigrants and appointed counsel, we are currently unable to provide individualized advice to private counsel.

IDP Written Resources for Attorneys