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Indefensible Podcast Series

Indefensible is a podcast series brought to you by the Immigrant Defense Project. Over five episodes, producer Will Coley will bring you stories from people who are standing up and holding out; fighting to be with their families. They say they’re here to stay.  For a broader understanding of Indefensible’s goals, read IDP’s companion piece.

Subscribe now on iTunesStitcherGoogle PlaySoundCloud or wherever you get your podcasts. New episodes will be released every Thursday from May 25th through June 29nd. Indefensible is made possible by support from the Four Freedoms Fund.

Commentary and Analysis

Mizue Aizeki: So, Joe Biden Won. Now, Activists Look at the Work That Still Lies Ahead (HarpersBazaar, 11/13/2020)

Manuel D. Vargas: Justice Dept Pushes Supreme Court to Imperil Families (Crimmigration, 10/12/20)

Mizue Aizeki: Viewpoint: Time to hold ICE accountable for abuses, too (Times Union, 6/11/20)

Mizue Aizeki & Rosa Cohen-Cruz: As Courts Reopen, Threat of ICE Returns: State Lawmakers Must Protect Our Neighbors (Gotham Gazette, 6/3/20)

Mizue Aizeki: Families Fearing Deportation Because of Trump’s Immigration Policies Prepare for ICE Raids (Newsweek, 6/28/17)

Mizue Aizeki: “Indefensible” – Stories of resilience in the face of deportation (Medium, 5/25/17)

Mizue Aizeki: Interview on Criminalization and Immigration (CounterSpin 2/24/17)

Resisting state violence in the era of mass deportation : an interview with Mizue Aizeki / Jordan T. Camp and Christina Heatherton (Verso Books, May 2016)

Mizue Aizeki: Immigration Raids are Inhumane No Matter Who They Target (Common Dreams, 1/14/16)