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ICE Raids Toolkit

Defend Against ICE Raids and Community Arrests, the product of IDP’s and CCR’s collective work against ICE arrests under Bush and Obama, serves as the first comprehensive guide and organizing resource to fight back against the Trump administration’s efforts to criminalize communities and deport millions of people. (Updated in July 2019)

Read Toolkit Forward (updated March 19, 2020)

Download Toolkit without appendices (March 19, 2020—Total 57 pages)

Download appendices (Total 209 pages)


Appendix A (149 pages): Select documents pertaining to ICE enforcement tactics obtained in the Immigrant Defense Project et al. v. ICE et al. FOIA litigation.

Appendix B (50 pages): Reports of raids collected by IDP, broken down by the identified ICE tactic, demonstrating the range of strategies used in their enforcement actions.

Appendix C (7 pages): Press coverage on the human toll of raids. Select stories that have been in the press humanizing individuals who have been subject to ICE enforcement.

Visit here for other resources related to ICE raids and community arrests, including Know Your Rights flyers and emergency preparedness tools.

La Guía Sobre Redadas y Arrestos de ICE en Español

Descargar La Guía Sobre Redadas y Arrestos de ICE por IDP y CCR sin Apéndices.

Descargar La Guía Sobre Redadas y Arrestos de ICE por IDP y CCR con Apéndices.

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