In 2013, the Immigrant Defense Project (IDP) and the Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR), along with the Hispanic Interest Coalition of Alabama (HICA), filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request on DHS and ICE’s controversial tactic of arresting immigrants at their homes, often without judicial warrants. We are still litigating the FOIA, but have received some information on the recent history of ICE trainings and practices around home raid (select documents below). Learn more about ICE home raids in “Defend Against ICE Raids and Community Arrests: A Toolkit to Prepare and Protect Our Communities,” released in January 2017 by IDP and CCR. Learn more about common ICE ruses used in home raids here.

FOIA Documents

These files include the original production in  IDP et al. v. ICE et al., along with a “re-release” that includes part of the production with corrected Bates numbers.

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FugOps Handbook 2010 Complete

FugOps Handbook 2014 Missing Pages


ICE Memo on Juveniles Encountered During Fugitive Operations – August 2007

ICE Training and Policy Statement – April 2013

ICE Torres Ruse Memo – March 2006

ICE Forman Torres Ruse Memo – August 2006

ICE Use of Ruses – August 2005

Creation of Fugitive Docket – September 2009

ICE Documentation of Consent Memo – January 2010

Field Operations and Tactics – 2005

Training Materials

Fourth Amendment Lesson Plan 2011

ICE Fourth Amendment and Policy Refresher

ICE Academy Verbal Techniques + Communication for Consent (Undated)

ICE Academy National Fugitive Operations Program (Undated)

ICE Academy Field Operations Training Program Prosecutions

ICE Academy Execution of Criminal Warrants (Undated)

ICE Academy Basic Tactics Training (Undated)

ICE Fugitive Operations Internet and Intranet Resources (Undated)

ICE Fourth Amendment Powerpoint (Undated)

ICE Tactical Operations Training

ICE Enforcement Plan (Undated)

ICE Detention and Removal Operations Training (Undated)