Know Your Rights with ICE

Know Your Rights (KYR) Flyer

Explains who is at risk of an ICE arrest and your rights when interacting with ICE officers. Available in 16 languages.  Last updated November 2021.

Know Your Rights Infographics

Set of infographics explaining who is at risk of ICE arrest, what to do if ICE enters your home, and how ICE lies to people.

Know Your Rights Booklets

Detailed information on ICE arrests and your rights if ICE comes to your home or stops you on the street, in a car, and at a courthouse.

ICE Home Raids Poster

Explains your rights with ICE in the home, what to say to an agent at the door, and what to document if ICE comes to your home. Available in 7 languages.

Documenting ICE Arrests

Set of infographics on what to do if you witness an ICE arrest.

Car Stops Infographics

Set of infographics about your rights if you are a driver or passenger in a car that is stopped by ICE.

ICE pulled over my car! What are my rights? Flyer

What to do if you are a driver or passenger in a car stopped by ICE. Available in 3 languages.

License Plate Readers Flyer

FAQ about how ICE uses Automated License Plate Readers (ALPRs), with Know Your Rights information on ICE and cars.

Infographics on Common ICE Ruses

Set of infographics about how ICE intentionally misleads or tricks people.

Infographics on Common ICE Lies

Set of infographics on the common lies that ICE tells.

How ICE pretends to be local police Flyer

Ways that ICE pretends to be local police in person and over the phone.

The Power of Being Prepared: How to prepare in case you are arrested by ICE (SPANISH ONLY)

How to prepare for a possible ICE arrest, detention, and immigration court proceedings (SPANISH ONLY).

How to know what type of immigration case you could have while in immigration detention

Handout that explains whether you will have a right to see an immigration judge if you are in immigration detention.

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