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Learn about raids | Defend your community | Train community members 


For years, IDP has been tracking, requesting information and training community members on immigration (ICE*) raids and arrests. To challenge the practice of ICE raids, communities must understand ICE tactics, help those at risk of deportation prepare, and strategize about ways to fight back through organizing and/or in the courts.

* ICE, or Immigration and Customs Enforcement, is the federal agency responsible for arresting, detaining and deporting immigrants.

Learn about ICE (immigration) raids

Click to read the ICEwatch Raids Tactics Report!
  • ICEwatch: Created by IDP and the Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR), ICEwatch is  an interactive map that details ICE’s deceptive and aggressive tactics with summaries of over 1400 raids
  • Toolkit by IDP and the Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR)
    • Learn about our country’s massive detention and deportation system, specific ICE raid tactics, and how communities can prepare to challenge ICE raids. (Ver la versión en español aqui)
  • Booklet detailing trends in enforcement and your rights
  • ICE’s own training and guidance to agents on how to conduct home raids.
    • IDP received these documents as part of an ongoing Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request being litigated by CCR.
  • For the last 7 years, IDP has been collecting reports of ICE raids and tracking different trends and tactics we’ve seen. To this end, we’ve put together a primer on ICE Ruses, head here to learn more about what common ICE ruses are, why and how ICE uses ruses, and what you can do to protect yourself from them.
    • In addition to the ICE Ruses Primer, IDP has also released an ICE ruses flyer, “Ways That ICE Pretends to be Local Police.” Check it out here to learn more about common lies ICE tells when pretending to be local police, including lies told in person and over the phone! Available here in English and Spanish


Defend your community against ICE raids

  • Review and share Know Your Rights materials for encounters with ICE (flyers, posters and videos).
  • Help community members at risk of deportation prepare emergency plans.
  • When someone is detained by ICE, whether they can fight their case in front of an immigration judge or in another way depends on their past experience.  This two-pager helps you understand what type of immigration case you could have and what your rights would be in the case of an ICE detention.
  • Consider other community responses to ICE raids.
  • Learn about efforts to get ICE out of courthouses.
  • ICEwatch Trends Report
  • New IDP Know Your Rights Infographics!
    • In response to the threat posed by the current administration, IDP has created a set of Know Your Rights infographics (available in both English and Spanish) with quick access information we feel is crucial for noncitizens:
      1. Who is at risk of ICE enforcement
      2. What to do if ICE enters your home
      3. The ways that ICE lies and pretends to be police in order to enter homes

      These infographics are designed to equip noncitizens with the knowledge of what to do when you know your rights, but ICE violates them.



Prepare to train community members on encounters with ICE

  • If you haven’t already, learn about ICE raids and tactics. (see above)
  • Distribute Know Your Rights materials for community members on their rights during encounters with ICE.
  • Watch our Train the Trainers video – Know Your Rights: ICE in the community.
  • Watch our webinar, co-hosted with WITNESS, about the right to film ICE and documenting ICE abuses and raids. Use the free slides on filming ICE in your own presentations.
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