Charts & Checklists

Review of post-conviction options for select jurisdictions

The Post-Conviction Relief State Summary Chart provides an overview of relevant vehicles and deadlines in select jurisdictions. When an immigrant client faces adverse immigration consequences based on a prior criminal conviction, one strategy for immigration counsel is to investigate the possibility of post-conviction relief. This chart provides a starting point for that investigation. Last updated 10/21/2020.

Charts: State-Specific Immigration Consequences of Criminal Offenses

These charts list common criminal offenses, and whether they might trigger an immigration ground of removability (and thereby subject an immigrant to deportation): New York (Updated January 1, 2023) Alabama (Updated March 2017) Arizona (Updated June 2016) California (Updated March 2019) Connecticut (Updated May 2017) Massachusetts (Updated May 2018) North Carolina (Updated 2017) Pennsylvania (Updated March 2019) Vermont

Chart: Sample Aggravated Felony Case Law Determinations

This chart is separated by capital letter category which relates to the relevant subsection of the statutory definition of “aggravated felony.” Within each letter category, the cases are grouped by jurisdiction beginning with the Supreme Court and the Board of Immigration Appeals and continuing through the Circuit Courts of Appeals and the Federal District Courts (and by reverse chronological order … Read more »