Community Trainings

Police/ICE Entanglement Training

IDP trains advocates and community members various issues through bilingual (Spanish and English) Know-Your-Rights and Train-the-Trainers workshops. Workshops include: Don’t Get ICEd, also available as an interactive website, a guide for immigrants on how to protects your rights from deportation when dealing with police and the criminal justice system.  In recent years, IDP held regular workshops at Rikers Island with … Read more »

Deportation 101

Deportation 101 is a training tool that educates and builds the capacity of immigrant and criminal justice service providers, immigrant leaders, and community organizers to respond to their members’ and clients’ needs as they interact with the criminal justice system. It functions as a free, 1-2 day-long seminar on the criminal-immigration system, accompanied by a manual developed jointly in 2005 … Read more »