IDP Condemns Legislature’s Failure to Pass New York For All

June 10, 2024

ALBANY– The Immigrant Defense Project today condemned the New York State Legislature’s failure to pass the New York for All Act (A.5686 / S.987) during the legislative session, which would have protected immigrant communities and all New Yorkers by prohibiting local law enforcement and state agencies from conspiring with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and Customs and Border Patrol (CBP). Ending this collusion will enable immigrant New Yorkers to go about their daily lives without fear that something as simple as a traffic stop on their way to work or visiting a public hospital could result in being ripped away from their families. This builds trust between government and the communities it serves, and allows our local economies to flourish by letting people feel safe to participate in daily life.

The following is a statement from the Immigrant Defense Project:

“At a moment when it is urgently needed, the legislature has failed to stand with immigrant New Yorkers who are at the receiving end of ICE’s cruelty. In recent months we have seen local and state officials using xenophobic language targeting immigrant New Yorkers. This rhetoric has instilled fear that accessing services or calling 911 will put immigrant New Yorkers at risk as they go about their daily lives. This climate of fear makes all New Yorkers less safe and makes the passage of New York for All all the more urgent. 

President Biden’s announcement of a de facto asylum ban last week brought pain and heartbreak to New Yorkers who have loved ones currently seeking safety at the border. Governor Hochul’s presence at that announcement only deepened that pain and we reject any attempt by our electeds to scapegoat our communities. Moving forward, championing the New York for all Act is a key opportunity for our legislators and governor to affirm our values of shared humanity and caring for others on the national stage. Now more than ever, we need the New York for All Act and we are committed to fighting for its passage in the next legislative session and getting the governor to sign it into law. This is the way that we can keep all New York families safe.”


About the Immigrant Defense Project

The Immigrant Defense Project (IDP) is a New York-based nonprofit that works to secure fairness and justice for immigrants in the racially-biased U.S. criminal and immigration systems. IDP fights to end the current era of unprecedented mass criminalization, detention and deportation through a multi-pronged strategy including advocacy, litigation, legal support, community partnerships, and strategic communications. Visit and follow @ImmDefense.