IDP’s Impact in 2021: Remarkable Victories in Challenging Times

Dear Friends of IDP,

We started 2021 with the promise of renewed opportunities to reverse some of the deeply harmful practices of the previous administration. Despite the Biden administration’s promises to bring humanity to the immigration system, we have seen blatant racist and violent treatment of Haitians at the border, the defense of Trump-era policies in court, and the continued use of false “public safety” narratives to justify detention and deportation. 

As the administration doubles down on the criminalization of immigrants, our communities continue to resist and develop strategies to fight back.

Thanks to your support, IDP has won remarkable victories and advanced critical projects this year even in the midst of these challenging times, which included: 

  • Collaborating with criminal justice allies to pass 7 bills in New York state that protect the rights of vulnerable communities and incarcerated people, including legalizing marijuana, through the Justice Roadmap.
  • Ensuring the marijuana legalization law includes provisions to protect immigrants’ rights to vacate old convictions that can lead to deportation. 
  • Securing a landmark damages settlement in federal court for an HIV positive New Yorker who was illegally targeted by ICE. 
  • Expanding a Surveillance Technology and Immigration Policing project, including co-publishing “Smart Borders or a Humane World?” highlighting the harms of the border policing regime. 
  • Strengthening the legal hotline, which has provided critical legal support to thousands of families fighting to stay together, leading to a total of 1,020 community members and attorneys from over 100 countries of origin, receiving support from our team this year.

IDP needs your support now more than ever. This is a critical moment for the racial justice and immigrant rights’ movements as we fight for humane immigration policies and push for progressive change on the local, state, and federal levels.

In the next year, IDP will continue to help immigrants navigate detention and deportation in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic and fight for immigrants rights in the courts. Our work will also be crucial to protecting the rights of immigrants facing horrific conditions at Rikers Island, opposing local police collaboration with ICE, supporting communities to defend against ICE raids, and ensuring that state-level reforms help immigrants stay in their communities and with their families. Your support will ensure that IDP can continue to provide vital legal services and lead the fight for justice. 

Two months ago, I was honored to join IDP as Executive Director. In that short time, I have seen how much heart every staff member and supporter brings to our mission. Many challenges lay ahead but I know that together we will rise to meet them. 

With love and solidarity,

Jonathan Monsalve

Executive Director