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Family Court: Raising Awareness of Immigration Consequences

IDP is breaking new ground by raising awareness of the immigration consequences that can result from entanglement with the family court system. Like the criminal justice system, the halls of family court are disproportionately filled with families of color, many of whom are immigrants. For families with noncitizens, family court involvement can trigger an array of immigration consequences that can include preclusion from citizenship, the denial of immigration relief, and even deportation.

Through trainings and presentations IDP seeks to educate practitioners and judges about how families with noncitizens are impacted by contact with familycourts. IDP also advocates for systemic reforms that will improve noncitizens’ access to justice in family courts.  As a member of the New York Office of CourtAdministration’s Advisory Council on Immigration Issues in Family Courts, IDP seeks court reform on a state wide level. In partnership with the Fund for Modern Courts, IDP also helps to moderate the Immigrant Justice in State Courts Coalition, a unique forum that has attracted participation from over 30 organizations statewide. The Coalition is currently developing a comprehensive curriculum on immigration issues in family court.


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