Take a Deep Breath

Dear friends,

We are touched by all of you who have sent us donations today and reached out to become more involved in IDP’s critical work. We know this is a painful time for many of us across the country, but it is also a time to come together in action.

It is clear that in the coming months and years, our work will become even more crucial. The Trump campaign vilified many of the people and communities with whom we have spent decades fighting. Despite widespread messages of division that have permeated this election, we must continue our work and live our lives in a way that resists and rejects hate. In the face of the obstacles ahead, we must work together to protect our core values. IDP remains committed to transforming our racially biased criminal legal system and harsh immigration system. We are grateful for your continued partnership in this fight for justice and human rights for everyone.

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In solidarity,

Alisa, Mizue, Manny, Marie, Genia, Ryan, Lee, Julian, Michelle, Benita, Andrew, and Anthony