Federal Immigration Policy

IDP’s federal policy work is focused on building momentum against mass deportation, detention, and incarceration, and on changing the landscape that over the past two decades that has resulted in the largest expulsion of immigrants in U.S. history. We do this by:

Connecting local work to federal advocacy

In the just immigration reform at the federal level, effective advocacy requires a focus on nationally connected local battles. IDP works to share knowledge and insights from innovative campaigns that we and our partners are leading in the state of New York, a key battleground for DHS’ deportation programs, in order to support campaigns and build momentum nationally. We collaborate in national networks and convenings to ensure a coordinated strategy that moves everyone forward. Meanwhile, our longstanding work with public defenders representing immigrants (often the last lawyer an immigrant may see before facing detention and deportation), allows us to monitor shifting ICE tactics on the ground, information we then share with partners nationally.

Advocating through the Immigrant Justice Network

Since 2006, IDP has collaborated on national advocacy with the Immigrant Legal Resource Center and the National Immigration Project (NIP/NLG) through the Immigrant Justice Network (IJN). Guided by the vision of a society where all people receive fair and equal treatment under the law, we work together to to provide legal, technical, and messaging support to immigrant communities, legal practitioners, and all advocates seeking to advance the rights of noncitizens.

IJN’s chief goals are to protect the rights of immigrants accused of crimes within the criminal justice process, eliminate unjust and disproportionate immigration penalties for immigrants accused or convicted of crimes, and seek just immigration reform for all immigrants.

Working to shape the national conversation on immigrant rights

IDP coordinates the Comm/Unity Network, a cohort of national communicators dedicated to challenging the criminalization of immigrants. In October 2019, we brought all our partners to NYC to strategize for 2020. Drawing upon a range of available research and the work of network members and community partners, in November 2019 Comm/Unity released Language for Liberation: A Playbook for Inclusive Immigration Messaging.

Read more about IDP’s work as a part of the Comm/Unity network and request access to the playbook.