Resource: ICE Knows That You’re In DOCCS 

IDP has put together a resource that provides critical information to immigrants who are facing time in NYS Department of Corrections and Community Supervision (DOCCS) or who are currently in DOCCS custody. Even though ICE and DOCCS have established close collaboration over the past few decades, people entering into or in DOCCS custody often have very little information on what to expect. ICE Knows That You’re In DOCCS guides immigrants on the steps they can take to protect against or fight deportation at different stages—from pre-sentencing to being in DOCCS custody. This guide informs people of how DOCCS and ICE cooperate and share information, the importance of filing a notice of appeal on a criminal conviction (including instructions and samples for pro se filings), and how to navigate removal proceedings while in custody. It also touches on the reasonable fear process for people who are not in removal proceedings. It also explains eligibility requirements for applying for early forms of release for those with final orders of deportation—Early Conditional Parole for Deportation Only (ECPDO) and Conditional Parole for Deportation Only (CPDO).