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Momentum continues to build against mass detention and deportations. A key focus of this advocacy has been to end collaboration between police and ICE, with a growing call to stop all deportations. IDP has also focused on addressing inequalities in the criminal justice system to limit the number of immigrants who end up in the deportation pipeline and also to fight against mass imprisonment. IDP continues to be at the forefront of efforts to challenge mass deportation programs and to disrupt dominant narratives around immigrants with criminal records. IDP works to support community-based organizations fighting for immigrant rights, strengthen the power and expand the rights of immigrants with criminal records, build alliances with criminal justice advocates, and influence policy changes on a local and national level.

ICE Out of the Courts

The Immigrant Defense Project closely monitors ICE activity in the courts and has seen a significant uptick in ICE courthouse arrests since the beginning of 2017. In response, we are coordinating a campaign to get ICE out of the courts in New York State. More than 100 organizations are calling on the Chief Judge of the New York State Courts to stop ICE from targeting immigrant New Yorkers in the courts. [More]

Ending ICE/Police Entanglement

state-and-localIn recent decades, the criminal justice system and the immigration system have become increasingly entangled, with federal immigration authorities turning more and more to local law enforcement to help implement immigration policy.  Inevitably, when a criminal justice system that is institutionally biased against people of color, including immigrants, becomes enmeshed with an immigration system that lacks due process, immigrants are routinely treated unfairly and unjustly under the law. Meanwhile, the community trust that police depend upon to protect public safety is undermined. IDP works to keep the two systems separate, and to protect and expand the rights of immigrants caught up in the deportation machine. [More]

Criminal Justice and Drug Reform

criminal-justice-and-drug-policyIn addition to our work to end the detention and deportation dragnet, IDP identifies strategic initiatives for criminal justice reform, such as the One Day to Protect New Yorkers: 364 Campaign, Marijuana Decriminalization, Policing Reform and more [View Initiatives Here]

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