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Courthouse Media Coverage

ICE’s courthouse arrest practice is at the center of a national controversy, with officials at the local, state, and national levels calling on ICE to stop making arrests in the courts, and ICE publicly defending its practice asserting its intention to continue coming into the courts. This page presents the widespread media coverage of the courthouse arrest controversy, and the public statements issued by and to ICE.

NY State Campaign:

Why is ICE Arresting Immigrants in New York City Courts? (The Nation, 12/4/2017)

Legal Aid Lawyers Stage Walkout After Yet Another ICE Court Arrest (The Village Voice, 11/28/17)

ICE Arrests In NYC Courts Done Behind Lawyers’ Backs, They Say (Patch, 11/26/17)

Immigration arrests at New York courthouses up 900 percent, advocates say (ThinkProgress, 11/15/17)

Courthouse arrests and attempted apprehensions by ICE surge 900 percent in New York state (Daily Kos, 11/15/17)

Courthouse arrests of immigrants by ICE agents have risen 900% in New York this year: Immigrant Defense Project (NY Daily News, 11/15/17)

Se disparan 900% los arrestos de inmigrantes por parte de ICE en cortes de Nueva York (Univision, 11/15/17)

Secret Police: ICE agents dressed in plainclothes staked out a courthouse in Brooklyn and refused to identify themselves (Slate, 9/15/17)

Courthouses should not be used for routine immigration arrests, House says in resolution (ABA Journal, 8/15/17)

A Game of Cat and Mouse With High Stakes: Deportation (The New York Times, 8/3/17)

New York authorities demand ICE stop hunting immigrants in courthouses (NY Post, 8/3/17)

State AG, Brooklyn DA want ICE to stop courthouse arrests (NEWS12, 8/3/17)

Brooklyn DA, New York AG demand a halt to ICE raids following murder case witness’ detainment (NY Daily News, 8/3/17)

Brooklyn man who put 5 killers behind bars, father of 2, could be deported (ABC News, 8/3/17)

ICE Is Using Prostitution Courts to Stalk Immigrants (The Village Voice, 7/18/17)

The Lawyers Trying to Get Their Clients Sent to Jail (Vice, 7/4/17)

Can New York Keep Immigration Agents Out of The Courthouses? (WNYC, 6/29/17)

ICE Agents Are Showing Up In Human Trafficking Courts (WNYC, 6/26/17)

Advocates Call for Federal Immigration to Get Out of State Courthouses (NY1 News, 6/23/17)

NY Courts Need ‘Bold’ Plan to Protect Immigrants from ICE, Official Says (dnainfo, 6/23/17)

Ban ICE Arrests of Immigrants at New York Courthouses, Advocates Say (Newsday, 6/22/17)

When ICE Shows Up in Human Trafficking Court (WNYC, 6/22/17)

Council Speaker, legal aid groups slam top judge for not blocking ICE arrests of immigrants at NYC courthouses (NY Daily News, 6/22/17)

Protestan por redadas de ICE en los tribunales de NY (NY1 Noticias, 6/22/17)

“ICE está aquí”: Nueva York reclama que cesen arrestos de indocumentados en sus cortes (Univision, 6/22/2017)

NYC Officials Call For End To Immigration Raids At Courthouses (CBS New York, 6/22/17)

Democrats Demand New York’s Top Judge Bar ICE From Entering Courthouses (Observer, 6/22/17)

Courthouse ICE Arrests Are Making Immigrants ‘Sitting Ducks,’ Lawyers Warn (Gothamist, 6/22/17)

Exigen medidas para frenar arrestos de ‘La Migra’ en cortes de NY (El Diario NY, 6/22/17)

Mark-Viverito wants state’s top judge to resist ICE — the question is how (Politico, 6/22/17)


Public Statements by State Chief Judges, Policymakers, and Elected and Appointed Officials:

Statement by Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito Re: Reports of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Agents Inside Human Trafficking Intervention Court (6/16/17)

New York AG Eric Schneiderman And Acting Brooklyn DA Eric Gonzalez Call For ICE To End Immigration Enforcement Raids In State Courts


When a Day in Court is a Trap for Immigrants (The New Yorker, 11/9/2017)

Fearing deportation, many domestic violence victims are steering clear of police and courts (Los Angeles Times, 10/9/2017).

ICE Told Oregon Supreme Court It Would Continue Operations at State Courthouses (Oregon Public Broadcasting, 9/29/2017)

ICE Courthouse Busts Ten Times Higher Than City Knew (Westword, 9/19/17)

Attorney: ICE Arrests Asylum Seeker in Maine Courthouse (NECN, 4/6/17)

ICE Agents Arrest Dairy Worker En Route to Burlington Courthouse (VPR, 3/16/17)

Undocumented transgender woman filing domestic violence claim arrested at El Paso courthouse by ICE, official says (CBS, 2/16/17)

ICE agents make arrests at courthouses, sparking backlash from attorneys and state supreme court (LA Times, 3/17/17)

Legal Residents Fear Getting Arrested in Court by ICE (The Daily Beast, 3/30/17)

Father arrested by immigration agents at Oakland County custody hearing (Michigan Radio, 3/30/17)

Woman Arrested by ICE at Courthouse Speaks Out (The New Yorker, 2/23/17)

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