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Resources: Criminal Defense Attorneys

Practice Advisories for New York Defenders| Understanding and Fulfilling Your Duty to Immigrant ClientsResources on Criminal-Immigration LawOther Resources

ICE in Courts

Practice Tips for Defense Attorneys: How to Advise Immigrant Clients on ICE in the Courts (updated July 2019)

ICE Courthouse Arrest Intake Questions
If you know of an arrest or an attempted arrest by immigration agents in a NY courthouse, please contact Terry Lawson (terry[at] You can also fill out the form on the other side of this sheet and fax it to us at 1-800-391-5713.

Guide for Criminal Defense Counsel: Representing Clients Detained by ICE

Practice Advisories and Alerts for New York Defenders

Practice Alert: Seeking Release of Immigrant Clients From State and Local Custody During the COVID-19 Health Emergency
Guidance for criminal defense attorneys on considering the risk of transfer to ICE custody when requesting release from state or local custody as a result of the COVID-19 public health emergency.

Frequently Asked Questions: The Impact of Marihuana Decriminalization and Expungement on Criminal Defense of Non-U.S. Citizens
This frequently asked questions document explains the impact of revisions to the New York Penal Law to decriminalize and expunge certain marijuana possession offenses. It includes a link to IDP’s flowchart for Advising Non-U.S. Citizens about Marihuana Violation Convictions.

Practice Advisory: “One Day to Protect New Yorkers” Legislation (Updated January 24, 2020)
This practice advisory explains strategies for representing clients who could benefit from One Day to Protect New Yorkers–the new law changing the maximum possible sentence for class A and unclassified misdemeanors from 365 to 364 days. It is geared toward immigration attorneys and criminal defense attorneys representing clients in motions under NYCPL § 440.

Practice Advisory: Protecting Naturalized Citizens from De-naturalization and Deportation
This short practice alert provides criminal defense attorneys with background and information to protect clients who have been granted U.S. citizenship from allegations of citizenship fraud based on a guilty plea to a crime.

Practice Alert: DOC Implementation of the 2014 Detainer Law
This infographic provides updated information about the way that the NYC Department of Corrections (DOC) has implemented the New York City 2014 Detainer Law. It provides detailed guidance about which clients may be at risk of being transferred to DHS Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) despite the city’s law limiting the circumstances in which it will honor detainer requests.

Updated New York Quick Reference Chart
This digital, subscription-based chart provides access to newly updated information about the possible immigration consequences of specific, commonly charged New York offenses (now available with updates current as of July 2016).

Advising immigrant clients after President Trump’s January 25, 2017 Executive Orders

Frequently Asked Questions: Advising immigrant clients after the 2016 presidential election
This practice advisory, prepared by IDP’s Padilla Support Center, provides answers to questions criminal defense attorneys has asked about about how the announced policies of President-Elect Trump affect the practice of defense attorneys in this transition period.

Practice Advisory: New York City 2014 Detainer Law
Includes details about NYC’s groundbreaking legislation further limiting local cooperation with federal mass deportation programs, and the impact of the Priority Enforcement Program (PEP).

A monthly venue for discussions about cutting-edge legal arguments, practice questions on protocol for immigration units, and opportunities for collaborative advocacy.

Understanding and Fulfilling Your Duty to Immigrant Clients

Immigration Consequences of Crimes Summary Checklist
IDP two-page checklist which summarizes the criminal offenses that might have immigration consequences for immigrant defendants. Includes summary of criminal bars relating to the DACA temporary administrative status program, as announced DHS on June 15, 2012 (Last update: July 2017.)

This comprehensive manual provides  information about the foundations of crim-imm and strategies to avoid adverse immigration consequences in either criminal or immigration proceedings. Representing Immigrant Defendants in New York by Manuel D. Vargas organizes and presents this area of immigration law in a way that will be useful to criminal defense practitioners, immigrant advocates, and immigrants who want to learn about the potential immigration consequences of a New York criminal case. Available for purchase here.

Guides for Attorneys
Introductory Guide to Immigration Status for Attorneys
Immigration Consult Worksheet for Defense Attorneys
Guide to Immigration Intakes for Clients with Family Court Cases
Flowchart: Advising Non-U.S. Citizens about Marihuana Violation Convictions

Practice Advisory: Duty of Criminal Defense Counsel: Representing an Immigrant Defendant after Padilla v. Kentucky (April 9, 2010, appendices updated January 2012)
This practice advisory, prepared by IDP for the Defending Immigrants Partnership, provides guidance on your duty to immigrant client after the U.S. Supreme Court’s landmark 2010 Padilla v. Kentucky decision.

Protocol for the Development of a Public Defender Immigrant Service Plan
This protocol can be used by public defender offices for development of a plan to serve the special needs of their immigrant clients. It includes appendices on contact lists of criminal-immigration experts by defender office; sample forms, letters, updates, and trainings; and other tools.

Tips on How to Work With an Immigration Lawyer to Best Protect Your Non-Citizen Defendant Client

Tooby’s Guide to Criminal Immigration Law
This 230-page volume, being offered in a PDF version for downloading free of charge by the Law Offices of Norton Tooby, includes strategies for avoiding deportation at each stage of a criminal case: investigation, consultation, plea, sentence, post-conviction relief.

Resources on Criminal-Immigration Law

“Particularly Serious Crime” Bars on Asylum and Withholding of Removal: Legal Standards and Sample Case Determinations
This chart will aid in the legal representation of immigrants in criminal and removal proceedings. Specifically, this chart will help attorneys evaluate whether a criminal conviction constitutes a “particularly serious crime” barring asylum or withholding of removal.

Chart: Aggravated Felony Case Law Determinations
This chart contains sample aggravated felony case law determinations to help you determine whether a specific criminal offense (felony or misdemeanor) may be deemed an “aggravated felony” for immigration law purposes.

Practice Advisory for Criminal Defense Lawyers re: Attorney General Holder April 10, 2015 Order in Matter of Silva-Trevino II
In 2015, U.S. A.G. Holder signed an order, vacating a previous decision, that helps defenders give more reliable advice regarding convictions that might be interpreted as “crimes involving moral turpitude” and limit consequences by controlling what is in the record of conviction.

Quick Reference Charts for Immigration Consequences of Criminal Offenses
These charts list common criminal offenses, and whether they might trigger an immigration ground of removability (and thereby subject an immigrant to deportation).

Other Resources

Criminal-Immigration Helpline
Expert advice and support for immigrants and their loved ones.

Resources for Immigration Attorneys
In depth resources for defending non-citizen clients facing removal based on criminal convictions.

Know Your Rights materials for community members
Informational material for non-citizen clients about their rights during ICE interactions.

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